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en-Fortsetzungsreihe 175 Jahre Baptistengemeinden in Deutschland

11/03/2010 19:46

Baptists 175 years (12/12)

175 years Baptist churches in Germany 2005-2010: The German Baptists as part of a global family The Baptist churches in Germany understood from the outset as part of a movement across national borders, especially since there was already by JG Oncken a close connection to Baptists in...


20/01/2010 18:22

Baptists 175 years (11/12)

  "Stop and start" - the BEFG in the years 1995 - 2005   Back in 1991, the Theological Seminary of the GDR had moved from Buckow to Hamburg. The space in the racetrack road was narrow. A newly developed whole concept of education, which should include training for volunteers...


21/12/2009 19:26

Baptists 175 years (10/12)

1985-1995 Baptists world-shaking times This politically exciting decade began in 1985 with haunting reminders of peace: 40 years after the war published in the Evangelical Churches of the East and West together a "word for peace". President von Weizsacker dared hope the 8th May would not be...


21/11/2009 05:35

175 years, Baptist (9/12)

"A free church in a free society": The BEFG in the years 1975-1985 "A free church in a free society" - was the title of a tract, with the communities advertised at this time for himself. The municipalities had gone through since the beginning of the 70s a pronounced modernization. The cult image...


25/10/2009 00:11

Baptists 175 years (8/12)

1965 - 1975: A time of reorientation A new generation of senior siblings assumes responsibility in the Western Nations. John Arndt is 1966 New national chairman, 1973 Günter Hitzemann. In 1967, Gerhard Claas federal director, succeeding Rudolf Thaut, director of the School of Theology in 1968....


24/09/2009 15:18

Two covenants under one name: Baptists in the Cold War (Episode 7/12) 1955-1965

The government decided in 1960 in Berlin-Tempelhof, future meet annually for 1961 and invited to Berlin-Weissensee, or Leipzig, and thus for the first time in the GDR. But then came the 13th August 1961. In Germany people spoke of "the Berlin Wall" in the GDR of the "establishment of the...


20/08/2009 06:37

A two-time New Beginnings: Baptists in postwar Germany 1945-55 (episode 6/12)

In 1946 appeared the address list of the Union of Evangelical Free Churches. A comparison with the result of the war, published for the last time for 1939 yearbook showed significant differences. Gave the name of Baptist churches are no longer following the 1941 merger with the BfC communities....


20/07/2009 14:57

Baptists 175 years in Germany (5/12) The Baptists in the Third Reich

The Baptists in the Third Reich After the transfer of power to Hitler in January 1933, it is observed that the Baptists in the following months, behaved very ambivalent. On the one hand, there were - as in the great churches - affirmative statements to Nazism that accumulated especially in...


23/06/2009 06:58

1914-1933: The Baptist milieu of 1 World War, the Weimar Republic (4/12) Next episode in mid-July.

  "I know no parties, know only German!" With these words inspired Wilhelm II in August 1914, even many of the other opposition Workers for his war. Religious minorities such as Jews and Free Churches in the war saw a great opportunity to prove himself as a German among Germans and the...


15/05/2009 17:33

1884-1909: Baptist churches in the German Empire (episode 3/12). Next episode in mid-June.

 The constitution of 1871 had not brought the Baptist churches uniform status (Religious Affairs countries remained thing), but the scope for the municipalities and the federal facilities expanded noticeably. It was visible to the outside. Thanks to the sacrifices of the communities began...