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08/05/2020 00:00

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en-Fortsetzungsreihe 175 Jahre Baptistengemeinden in Deutschland

20/04/2009 22:13

The growing Baptist movement in Europe (Episode 2/12) 1859-1884 Next episode in mid-May

                                           Julius Koebner (1806-1884) Gottfried Wilhelm Lehmann...


16/04/2009 09:54

The pioneer of the German Baptists: 1834-1859 (series 1/12)

Johann Gerhard Oncken (born 1800 in Varel, died in 1884 in Zurich) was born in modest circumstances. Coined by the time he spent in the UK as a merchant's assistant. Between 1814 and 1823 he studied as a teenager at that time the most advanced country in the world to know. Trade and industry...


16/03/2009 12:01

The Baptist Jubilee Year 2009

Elstal Theological Seminary: "From the winter semester 08/09." The year 2009 is for the worldwide Baptist movement one year two special anniversaries. 400 years ago, the first Baptist church was built in history. A small Puritan Congregational church in England led by John Smyth was 1608 fled...