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"Clearance - Art in jail"

is the name of a project in the 58 Düsseldorf artists to exhibit their work in the prison, "Ulmer Hoh". Sure every artist has made ​​one or two of the 80 cells - many of them small and oppressive legacy of the former occupants: are carved in the walls of names, dates and messages.

........ „Freigang - Kunst im Knast“ Fotogalerie





A prison is a symbol of human failure: the failure of the individual, but often, unfortunately, for the failure of his fellow citizens. I grew up in a socially strong parental home and went to a comprehensive school. This I left with a mediocre degree. For my dream job but I lacked a better conclusion. To achieve this I took to visit from the folk high school. In this school, I met many vulnerable friends with whom I conducted my first youthful pranks after not long. When my parents noticed that something is wrong, they asked the youth office for advice Unfortunately, the officials left much time, "too much time". I started to abort my school with training as a locksmith / Teilezurichter. But as this was not my dream job, my energy was my new friends. So came the evening when it was not restricted to a small youth string. The consequences were awaiting trial for arson.

Well first of all came the juvie. I had two options: I could hide myself in my cell, and perhaps may be dismissed with any mental health problems or can make friends stop coming up with new friends. The JVC is for new acquaintances somehow not the best place. I found myself with my situation and made the best of it, and this made ​​things very little sense. I had no way to make something a little out of my situation, what could help me after discharge. The offer was very weak: start an education that lasts for 3 years and my road that consists of only 20 months? After discharge, only started right punishment. I resolved to do better before everything: a reasonable job, a decent apartment and a decent partner. For friends in my plan was no more room.

But I quickly realized that it was not as easy as I had imagined. I started to apply to me ... Everyone gets a rejection times of course! But if there were interested in me, they always put the same questions: what have you done in the 20 months? Why is there such a big gap in your resume? Can you provide me a certificate? I think everyone can imagine that nothing was out of my plan. After many rejections started my depression. I lost the desire to get out of bed the desire to do something. Even the food I just took to me if I really was hungry. I have fortunately parents who always tried to make me feel and look for friend who helped me through contact me for something suitable that could do for a living. However, with security that has not fired any of the.

Could this have been prevented? The first Thought the majority say it is the education of the parents. But anyone can get into such situations and the parents who are now times parents and social workers are not alone even overwhelmed already with this situation. The professionals in this field have made in my case nothing - except the juvenile court, which found that have no prospects and have only one criminal dealings. For this reason a prison sentence would be just right! What has brought the detention? It was stolen one time only makes things harder. Approximately every 2 Prisoners will reoffend after his release.

Magic sounds on the Valiha

The Valiha or bamboo zither is a traditional stringed instrument of Madagascar. In its simplest form, it is provided with strings that have been worked out of the bamboo shell, which shall be voted with spacers of varying amounts. More elaborate designs have 16 metal strings are about 1 m long and decorated with folk motifs. The instrument is held either between the legs or under the arm and plucked with both hands.

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