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"Free Email Greeting Cards"

without advertising

By clicking on "E-Cards" to go directly to the post office card selection.

Choose from one, click on it and fill it with your name, the name

the receiver, then your e-mail - and the e-mail address of the recipient, then a

Title (eg, "happy birthday") and then write in your text box.

On preview to see the entire message and you can send it.

When the recipient opens the email, you receive a message.


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 baptismal 08.02.2009
 Guest nights with A. Malessa October 2010
 Municipality fixed annual "120 Years of Baptists Dusseldorf"
 Community trip to Holland 2008 Arcen
   Community trip to Linz / Aug. 2009
   Community trip to ZDF Mainz 2010
   Israel Travel by Helga Schlenther Feb. 2009