Community group profiles

Women's Group I

In our group, meet the older women of the community, such as aged 60 years and older. We deal with a wide variety of topics, with themes of the Bible - for example, by considering biblical female characters, but also with the biographies of other important personalities or issues that arouse our interest.

When we are together, we like to sing. And once a quarter we celebrate birthdays with cake and coffee and with smaller amounts. Then we visited our pastor who holds the prayer.

We are pleased and grateful for the community in which we can support each other and build and encourages us to love God and to others.

We meet twice a month, in each case on a Thursday from 15:00 to about 16:30 o `clock the lower atrium of our community center.

Contacts:                         Lander, Ilse (tel. 0211-235048)

                                      Schlenther, Helga (tel. 0211-632782).


Women's Group II

We are the women's group of the then working women, most of whom have now reached retirement age.

Every 1st Tuesday at 19:30 we meet at a round table to discuss various topics from the normal Christian and secular life. We invite also once a guest speaker to come to us.

We are very creative in various fields.

Socially we are active in our community. Every 2nd Sunday of the month we are in charge of the church cafe. We also participate in the organization of our culinary and decorative seniors brunch "meeting at 11", to be held quarterly.

Once a year we organize a big barbecue, to which we invite other women.

Contact: Schulz,                 Use Tel: 02103-54962






On every 1st Thursday of the month will take place at 18:00 o `clock round the men in the community center. We meet at a round table to talk about social issues of our time, to exchange views on Christian themes or discuss current events. The topic is not limited, we want to include anything that moves us. One of our group is preparing the topic and announces it on time so that we can adapt to it. In particular, the main objective is to engage in conversation with each other, share experiences, reflect on their own opinions of the others and the community to promote as a group within our community.

Contact: Rieso, Gerd             (Phone 0211-9336720).