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Impressed and inspired by a mission trip in South America Pastor Horst Borkowski felt (in those days as a pastor in Reutlingen) the order to start a mission work in South America. Horst Borkowski called this work "MASA" (Missionary - Promotions - South - America). 1972 Pastor Horst Borkowski was called by our community, "EFG" (Baptist) Dusseldorf Luisen road as pastor. Horst Borkowski accepted the call and established with the appointment of the condition, about 3 months a year for the activity of Missionares in South America from the community to be exempted, an.Unsere community Horst Borkowski gave any support and the ministry grew and grew.

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Today this work in the "EBM" (- Latin America - European Baptist Mission in India, Africa) is embedded. (See the following movie review).

With gratitude we can look back on their time together and they started working in our prayers but also accompany with donations.

The following video may be shown by kind permission of EBM / MASA on our homepage.

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To the brothers and sisters
in the communities of BEFG
Pray for the people of Norway
Dear Brothers and Sisters,
in many worship services already past Sunday was the assassination
Norway included in the intercession. We as the Board
Association of Evangelical Free Churches ask that you also this
Sunday for the people affected by this terrible act pray.
Together, we have formulated the following call to:
Shaken, we look to Norway. On 22 July 2011 killed Anders
Behring Breivik where at least 76 people. With stakeholders in
Norway and people throughout the world, we share the horror of this act
and mourn the dead. Was released in many church services on
Sunday spontaneously after the massacre, prayed for the victims. As
Board of the Association of Evangelical Free Churches, we ask our
Communities to continue and for the relatives and friends of victims
to pray for the injured and traumatized youth. Our sympathy
and our prayers belong to all people in Norway, the basics
see their society in question.
The perpetrator wants to understand himself as the savior of a "European-Christian culture."
He makes use of a concept, the other use. Often feeds
This rejection is abused to the fear hatred through to
to justify to the "unknown". "The Stranger" but are then also
Humans. For this hatred that is in the massacre his people
was defying deadly expression, but there is no justification.
As Christian churches in Europe and around the world, as Christians and
Christians we are committed to Jesus Christ, the Reconciler. Believe in him
we will, we trust him and his life is the measure of our lives. The
Love for God and man is the center of this faith and
Confidence. They are the standard of what we follow under Christian
understand. This applies particularly love the stranger. The need of the
Charity obliges us to help the weak and needy
and to seek the welfare of all people.
Association of Evangelical Free Churches as we have in this matter
particular situation to Christ. To him, we invite him in because we
Recognize God's love for all people. They belong to us and has no
Limits. Who hurt and kill people like Anders Breivik did, can
Elstal, 28 July 2011
You wrote:
Pastor Friedrich Schneider
Head of DB Community Development
- 2 -
not rely on Christ. Such an act is rather a particular
shameful form of blasphemy.
We emphasize, moreover, that it since the founding of the Association
Evangelical Free Churches was and still is our common concern,
for religious freedom in our country and around the world to enter. This
Concerns include hospitality to people from other cultures and
Religions. We ask our church members, also in our
Country for charity and a loving interaction of people
use of different origins.
Sincerely yours
Signed Friedrich Schneider


Drought in East Africa

Drought and famine in East Africa
BEFG provides up to 20,000 -. € in emergency aid
A severe drought threatens currently many thousands of people in
East Africa.
People and animals die of thirst or disease caused by dirty
Water. The underdeveloped infrastructure and governmental instability
complicate the help for the entire region.
These problems persist for many years, but as our
Sibling site informs us rushed.
Baptist various project partners, such as the Baptist
World Federation, work actively for better care and medical
Emergency on-site and offer lasting help. They shall provide for
clean water and treat the malnourished population.
Currently we are with these partners in exchange for fast and
provide sustainable assistance to.
The Union of Evangelical Free Churches provides up to 20,000
Euro from the disaster fund to fight poverty for
Donations can be made under the heading of hunger in East Africa project
P 45 007 to the account of the covenant,
Account number 333 08,
Sort code: 500 921 00 at the savings and loan Bad Homburg
be transferred.
If more donations are received as required for this project,
Such donations are fed to the Disaster Relief Fund of the BEFG.
CB 20/07/2011


Apokalypse Japan

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Pressemitteilung BEFG Japan

Gebetsaufruf unseres Bundes