The Community: We introduce ourselves.

We bear the name "Protestant free church community" (baptists).

because the Gospel for us is the good news of the rescue by Jesus, basis of the faith and the contents of the preaching.

Free church
because we consider this to be a proper, current, and guiding usage of the New Testament Community thought. Internally, the principle of the voluntariness is fulfilled. Externally, the separation of church and state is important for us, so aims and means will not get mixed up.

because we avow overselves to the Community of believers . According to the New Tastament, everyone who accepts God's plan of Salvation and confesses his faith in Jesus Christ is a part of the community. A person has community with Christ due to the faith and baptism, and it is expressed in the membership in a local community.

Our communities bear this name everywhere in the world. The name baptists is derived from the Greek baptizein. This word means "dip, plunger"; it is used for 'to baptize" in the New Testament and it points out that the baptism is performed by immersing the candidate completely under the water.
In Germany about 88,000 baptized members from more than 930 communities united into an Association of Protestant Free Church Communities of K.d.ö.R. This Association belongs to the International Baptist Convention, one of the oldest and greatest Protestant Church associations of the world.

How we experience Community
A central point is the common Sunday service. We assemble for the worship service because we should serve to God with our life, we want to receive advice and help from the God's Word and we need the community with other Christians. Every local community organizes its life and its service itself. It is all about the promotion of the community and the fulfilment of certain tasks in different  groups. The Holy Scripture is the basis and guide line of the thinking and behaviour of a Christian. There should be only "volunteers" Christians
, who want to be with God with joy and without fear. Therefore the free will is a basic concept of the community life.

Voluntariness at the admission to the community
Everyone has to decide about his relations with God, his attitude to Christians and to the community. The incorporation to the commu nity is also subject to the liberal decision of the particular. The New Testament way to the community is listening to preaching about Jesus Christ, faith and then baptism. From this it follows that only people who are able to make decisions can be baptized.
Protestant Free Church Communities are not a "progeny churches" but "churches of free will". A baptizing candidate must confess his faith in Jesus Christ personally and voluntarily and in this way he could be accepted to the community.

Voluntariness in cooperation and co-responsibility
The great variety of the talents of every member is given to every community. The talents should be correspondingly used for the service to each other and for the people in general. We know that God gives the community additional gifts and strengths through the Holy Spirit . Everyone is called to this, no-one is untalented.

Voluntariness at the financing
All community members contribute voluntarily to the support of the necessary work. There are voluntary contributions instead of church taxes, and it is up to every community member to decide about the donation amount. It works also without church taxes if willingness to sacrify and generosity determines the measure of the financial contribution.

Religious freedom for everyone
Faith grows where liberty is. Therefore the people of every race, religion and philosophy of life need liberty of the conscience and liberty of the personal decision. No man may be forced into a certain faith. The education and teaching about Christian faith must be in the same way.




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