The Baptist Jubilee Year 2009

16/03/2009 12:01

Elstal Theological Seminary: "From the winter semester 08/09."

The year 2009 is for the worldwide Baptist movement one year two special anniversaries.

400 years ago, the first Baptist church was built in history. A small Puritan Congregational church in England led by John Smyth was 1608 fled the pressure of persecution in their home country to Amsterdam, where under the influence of the Mennonites come to the conclusion that infant baptism is not right. Probably in 1609 it took place, therefore, the believer's baptism and thus became the first Baptist congregation. Then they decided to return to England, so that the history of the Baptists went initially not on the European continent, but in England.

On the European continent the Baptist took until exactly 225 years later walking. The impetus for this was Johann Gerhard Oncken, who with six other men and women in 1834 was baptized in the same confession of faith, and in Hamburg founded the first German Baptist church. Thus, in 2009 at the same time 175 years Baptists in Germany and continental Europe are celebrated.

The Theological Seminary Elstal part in the anniversary celebrations in different ways. Here it is worth stressing two things.

In the coming weeks, a supplement of the theological discussion is titled "The so-called autonomy of the local churches" appear. This includes German translations are the presentations of a symposium of the Baptist World Alliance, which took place in Elstal and understanding the global Baptist was the central question of his community understanding.

On study day for the opening of the semester in the spring term of this year, the Baptist church historian activist Professor will speak Andrea Strübind of the University of Oldenburg on "Between nonconformity and quietism - Church History Perspectives on the 400th anniversary of the European and the 175th anniversary of the German Baptists ". To all interested parties are welcome!