The "Prayer for Peace" by Francis of Assisi

The "Prayer for Peace" by Francis of Assisi

Oh Lord,

make me an instrument
Your peace.

I sow love,
there where you hate me;

I forgive you,
there where you insulted me;

that I connect,
where there is strife;

I'm telling the truth,
because where there is error;

that I bring faith
where doubt is;

that I wake up hope
where despair torments;

that I light your light,
where is darkness;

that I bring joy,
where is sadness.

O Lord,

let me try:

not that I will be consoled as to console me;

not that I would understand, but that I understand;

not that I'm loved, but that I love.

For it is in giving as receiving;

he who forgets himself, finds;

who forgives, which will be forgiven;

and who dies there are born to eternal life.