The 175th 19th birthday of Charles Haddon Spurgeon June 1834

The 175th 19th birthday of Charles Haddon Spurgeon June 1834

Charles Haddon Spurgeon

Charles Haddon Spurgeon (June 19, 1834 in Kelvedon (Essex / England), † 31 January 1892 in Menton, France) was an English Baptist pastor. He is considered one of the most famous preachers of the 19th Century.

Spurgeon's parents were members of a free church. Its decisive impulse to turn to the Christian faith, Spurgeon got at age 15 in a Methodist church in Colchester. He inquired after the Bible and came to the conclusion that the New Testament baptism personal faith rather than preceding, but must follow the faith. He could therefore on 3 Baptized May 1850 in a Baptist church. Just one year later he was appointed as a Baptist pastor. In 1854 he was appointed to a preacher in London. Seven years later, his church, the New Park Street Baptist Church has grown so much that a new church, the Metropolitan Tabernacle, had to be built with more than 5000 seats. His sermons were stenografiert, sold weekly and later translated into many languages. From 1855 his sermons were distributed worldwide in magazines, tracts and books. Weekly published new Spurgeon Sermons. 1856 Spurgeon began with the systematic training of Pastren on which he founded "Pastors' College." From 1866 to 1879 he established the "Stockwell Orphanage" eoine care center for orphans.

On 8 January 1856 Spurgeon married Susannah, daughter of Robert Thompson. On 20 September 1856 she got twins, Charles and Thomas.

"Spurgeon's preaching is through content and uniqueness of their wealth in the form" (Balder). His age creed was: "All my theology has been reduced to four words: Jesus died for me!" Although he was thoroughly missionary, he adhered to the Calvinist doctrine of predestination. He was also a deep conviction that all Scripture is inspired verbally.

Of his numerous writings are worth mentioning:

    Advice for preachers (1856 / reprint 1975)
    Bible and newspaper (German 1881)
    The Treasury of David. Commentary on the Psalms in 7 volumes (German 1894)
    The Art of Illustration (German 1905)
    Gems of divine promises - a devotional book for everyday use

Also in Germany today and Spurgeon's influence on the Church and Free Church circles is sustainable; his sermons, prayers and biblical commentaries are popular tools for home devotion, lay preaching and homiletic for training future pastors.

Between Spurgeon and the founder of the German Baptist churches Johann Gerhard Oncken was a close link. Over many decades appeared Spurgeon's sermons and writings in the publishing house founded by Oncken, today Oncken Verlag.