Hi Michael, you can introduce yourself briefly?

Yes, my name is Michael Graber, I am 30 years old and the designer of the E-Water-flash. I live in Basel (Switzerland) and when I'm not up to anything at all suprised at night into the home, I do a PhD in the field of biochemistry.

What did you do for hobbies?

I love to take pictures with my Canon EOS 350D, am a passionate water rat (sailing, windsurfing and scuba diving) and entrepreneurial course always crazy things with my friends.

Going back to the topic E-Water. How did it all begin?

That's a bit of a complicated story. Sometime in the spring of 2002, I came by chance on the Internet on the Flash "Interview with God" (www.theinterviewwithgod.com) and was very touched by this beautiful animation. I realized that it perfectly with those flashes can convey a message. And what is better than the Gospel itself, the gospel? That same week, I tried first tentative steps by the Psalm 121 I animated.

And then when e-Wa-ter was born?

So with the time I had a nice number of flashes on my hard drive, with most projects had just begun. At the same time my sister encouraged me again and again, these flashes "to finally make the Internet so that the others have also gets his." I seriously did - later, in the spring of 2004 I took the plunge and went online with the first 5 flash. Since then, every year come to about 1-2 new flash.

What causes such flash? How can we imagine that?

A new Flash almost always begins with an idea what text I could verflashen '. A Bible verse? A quote? Own-thing? When I decided to implement a specific theme, then I search the Internet to appropriate photos. I'll need several hours and hit me through many a thousand pictures. The program SWiSH Max I put the whole thing together into a Flash animation and find the right music to do so. All in all, I need a few dozen hours to such a flash is ready. And the majority of the projects will never be finished, because I realize halfway that it is nothing.

Why are you doing all this and invest so much time?

On the one hand it's great fun to tinker late new flashes and rumzufeilen on the homepage. On the other hand I also have the desire to tell all 7 billion people on this beautiful planet that God over heels in love with him or her. And he is just waiting that you ever give a sign of life from you. It makes me sad when I see that there are people who make life more concerned about a 14-day vacation and not what might happen after death. Hey guys thinking, look!

How did you even come to faith-ben?

I was very fortunate that I grew up in a Christian family. So I was familiar belief in a natural way. This belief, however, was rather childish and little questioning. As a teenager, I made then of course, uncomfortable questions. I was not always a satisfactory answer. But again and again, I saw that a life with Jesus is simply the best of what can happen only. And where it has remained until today, I just do not understand much in this world. But in one thing I am sure rock: There A fulfilling, meaning-full 'life is only with Jesus!

Do you go to a church?

Yes, I regularly visit the Gellert Community in Basel. It is part of the Evangelical Reformed Church of Switzerland.

How can you sup-port?

I'm always looking for good lyrics or verflashbaren ideas. So if you have a good suggestion, so the material please post in the forum. Thank you!

Last question: What is your personal favorite Flash?

Since I does not take long: The Love Letter!

Thank you Michael, that you have allowed me personally to publish this interview on our homepage. I wish you lots of good ideas and their realization in E-Water for your future life and God bless!

Richard Pregla

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