Afterthoughts to my baptism.

My Tauferlebnis - and now ...?
Now ... it's already some time since my baptism at 08 February 2009. Together with my husband, Paul, and with Catherine Martin, with Claudia, and Bettina, Elke and Katja - 8 people we were on this Sunday, the excited waiting in her white christening outfit out of our Pastor Klaus Schäfer baptized in the name of Jesus. An experience that we experienced as Baptists literally up to wet skin.
How did it happen? Each of us had his own eight baptisms, moving story that has led him to re-enter the "Private God" and to return to communion with God our Father, His Son Jesus and the Holy Ghost good. My "private" - guided me in February 2007 through the gates of the EFG, to me, very worldly, the spaces to organize a gospel workshop to look at. I was standing outside on the street, waiting for André, who should open the gate. And there it was, the feeling that we all know that was a long time away from home, and the returns and opens his door: this comforting feeling to be back HOME.
This wonderful feeling has never left me more whenever I the Luisenstrasse join 51 - in 2007, at least I thought so, mainly the Gospel Workshops due, but, increasingly, "no gospel" to the services until I realized one day what this feeling of actually BEING HOME meant. I was a 5 decades of life full of trials and tribulations arrived back at my father, our Lord God. Very carefully, he has guided me through his son back into his arms. And besides, I had a sudden even what I was looking for all my life: the security of a family, here's community by the great multitude of brothers and sisters in the EFG! This path to go still together with my beloved man may be, of course, an additional, special experience.
As with most major events, was also the baptismal service, the naming ceremony, in particular, the day generally "too fast" over. Really "AWARE" we were, me the importance of this, in the sense of actually Baptist baptismal death was not really with simultaneous resurrection. Solemnly he felt the church - somehow different, somehow he was particularly, this Sunday. And yet ...
Ended ... this christening day "normal" in our cozy Sunday evening ritual. And "as always," began the next day with the usual routine and a lot of work. Did I feel different now? I suddenly by immersion get a Lotus skin that keeps all evil away from me and all my shortcomings keeps to leak out? Am I now just good? Am I safe from all sin? No, of course not. Of course, I'm often in my thoughtless spontaneity still far too often too direct, too hurtful, too impatient, too bossy. But I am filled with the Holy Spirit to show me that it was once again too much of a good thing and helps me to take me back and I apologize for my wrong words to. But above all, it helps me more often to pause in front of an unguarded and sentence me so, although very, very slowly, to remove more and more of my old misconduct.
From day to day I feel that I may be filled with an ever-increasing peace. I lie down every night now, I stand up every morning with quiet words of our Lord whether the great gratitude that my life has been so wonderful - externally by a very, very good life with a wonderfully challenging, simple, loving man at my side, and internally by the great love, but above all the infinite power of my Father in heaven. And even if the "old ways" are still largely determined my life, my life is now but on a completely new basis - the old man no longer counts.
Baptism is a conversion - for me it has been mainly a return. And so, like the prodigal son without his father never was, if he was to make his way through the world without him, so I also am mistaken decades through this world traveled, gone, always knowing that there is a Father, the waiting for me, on my return. Now I'm back in his house, am back HOME. Of course I was away too long and there have been some "quirks" ingrained that I'm learning now take it off. But my father, my husband and my family have EFG-understanding and the patience, my faults and weaknesses and look up to help me every day to be a slightly better person.

Helga Schaefer Dusseldorf,
the 3/10/2009