Why pray?

Why pray?

A man opens himself to God when he prays.

A man opens the other person when he talks to him. A man opens himself to God when he prays. Prayer is talking with God of the heart. Those who pray, honors God, because God wants us to talk to him.
What can we say? Especially our thanks, our praise and our joy to have their reason, that God is there for us and for the world. The first sentences of the Our Father lead us to worship, praise and thanksgiving: We can call God our Father, can define our lives by his word, for the coming of his kingdom with joy and entrust ourselves to his will. That is the keynote of the prayer of the Church.

But we must ask God: for daily bread to preserve and help, for forgiveness, for ourselves and for others. We should sue him our suffering, speak in front of him, what moves us. Those who pray, God will open: there must also be said the most personal. Even devout silence and contemplation of God may be ways of praying or leading to it.

Many people find it as a great gift that they can pray. Others find it difficult to pray because they expect little from prayer. What could cause the prayer: An answer to this question to know who can guide to prayer and practice it. In prayer, we put our lives before God. Here we learn that the pressure drops of all tags and the burden of care of us. Our soul draws a deep breath.

In prayer, we must rely on Jesus and follow up with him. He was certain that God would hear him. When we pray, we participate in God, trust Jesus Christ. Like our own faith weak, stunted our prayer, God hears us but for Christ's sake. "God does not fulfill all our wishes, but all his promises" (Dietrich Bonhoeffer).

Fixed times in the daily routine make it possible to come to rest and to be familiar with the prayer. In return, offer morning and evening, as well as the meals. Periods of silence, coupled with Bible reading and prayer help to order that shapes our lives and bears. Our prayers will be richer if we respond to the read or heard the word of God, or rethink our new life under a Biblical quotation. When this happens, along with other, such a community of prayer and encourage deepen our prayers. The largest community of prayer, the worship of the worldwide church. The prayer of the individual is surrounded by the prayer of the whole Church, which, inspired by the spirit of God through the ages and around the world goes. It is God's spirit that connects all worshipers and also occurs for those who can not pray.

We can pray in your own words. But when we have no words, so our prayers come to the aid of others have spoken. These include the Psalms, which Jesus prayed. Many hymns are prayers in which we can agree. An aid to prayer is to fold their hands, kneel in some cases. At the words: In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit to refer to the cross, is a custom that must not shy away from evangelical Christians. A quiet room where you are undisturbed helps to recollection